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JRNY Meets!

Everything you need to know about JRNY Meets

JRNY Meets


Broke Da Mouth Food Festival

Join us Sunday, October 8th from 2-10pm to take part in this benefit day for Maui.

NFTxLV 2023 Mixer

Join us Sunday at the gallery on October 1st from 6-8pm! Meet up with like minded peers that are also interested in the Web3 world.

Breathe 2023 Mixer

Want to learn more about Web3 and the future of art? Then join us Thursday at the gallery on September 14th from 6-8pm! Meet up with like minded peers that are also interested in the Web3 world.

First Friday Las Vegas Arts District October 6th

Join us on October 6th for First Friday at the Arts District in Las Vegas!

First Friday Las Vegas Arts District September 8th

Join us on September 8th for First Friday at the Arts District in Las Vegas!


JRNY Club is a membership NFT project and multi-media brand aiming to become the top all-in-one community in Web3. They aim to provide quality daily value through membership and Metaverse benefits, combining the power of Web2 utility and Web3 innovation.

Metalancers: Where Artistry Meets Innovation

Metalancer is a highly anticipated project with a captivating narrative. Led by a talented team, the project is set to introduce a collection of 10000 unique art pieces, born from the passion of three devoted artists.

JRNY Collective: Shining a Spotlight on the Artists of Web3

The JRNY Collective is an integral part of the JRNY Club ecosystem, focusing on uplifting emerging independent artists.

Bored Apes

The Top Tier NFT Ecosystem


The Project that Started the Movement of PFP NFT Projects


Created by Delabs, yOOts stands as an innovative generative art project encompassing a remarkable collection of 15,000 NFTs. The project flourishes as a meticulously curated community for creators and builders in what they call yOOtopia.


DeGods is an NFT project created by developer Rohun Vora and launched on October 8, 2021. The art depicts ancient god-like PFPs clad in modern streetwear.

Valhalla: Stacked Studios Forging the Path to a Web3 Future

Valhalla is an anime collection of avatars that brings gamers worldwide together into a dynamic community. With a total of 10,000 NFT avatars, this collection is made up of five primary character types, each possessing its own distinct personality. This includes Humans. Toxics, Mechs, Eternals, and Demons.

First Friday Las Vegas Arts District

Join us on September 1st for First Friday at the Arts District in Las Vegas!

The Doge Pound

The Doge Pound NFT project: a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFT owners are known as OG Doge members, offering exclusive benefits within the community.

Fluf World

The vibrant Fluff World ecosystem boasts an array of NFT character collectibles, accompanied by virtual metaspaces and non-fungible intelligence.

Otherside: Yuga Lab’s Metaverse

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds, where creativity takes on tangible form, and where the possibilities are as limitless as the digital horizon itself.

Xolo: Overview of the Planet Xolo Ecosystem

Planet XOLO ecosystem is the gaming arm of the JRNY brand. At the heart of the ecosystem lies the epic battle game, Battle for XOLO.

My Pet Hooligans

The My Pet Hooligan ecosystem thrives on community, gaming, and ownership, creating a vast and ever-expanding entertainment world.

NFT Use Cases: Exploring the Most Popular NFT Use Cases in Different Fields

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have gained significant mainstream attention in recent years, leaving many potential investors wondering about their true worth. It is their unique design that challenges and redefines our understanding of digital asset ownership, opening up a world of possibilities. Thus, to truly comprehend the value, sustainability, and future potential of this emerging technology it becomes crucial to examine the tangible and practical applications of NFTs in the real world.

What is the Blockchain? Simply Explained, So You Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Diving into the world of blockchain technology can be daunting, especially given the complex terminology accompanying it. Yet, for anyone with a stake in the web3 landscape, it's important to possess a solid understanding of the underlying technology. This empowers you to decide which projects to support, leverage, or invest in. This article will demystify blockchain technology, breaking down its components and clarifying how they interact by using an analogy of kids trading marbles in a school yard. By the end, you'll not only be sick of marbles, but you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to confidently navigate the realm of blockchain, regardless of your objective.

Web 3: What is it exactly?

The best way to wrap your head around Web 3.0 (more commonly known as ‘Web3’) is to take a brief look at the first two stages and go from there. This article will quickly go over Web 1 and Web 2 to see how Web3 stands out.
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JRNY Club is a membership NFT project and multi-media brand building towards becoming the top all-in-one community in Web3.